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Robert Stein is a museum leader, technology expert, and strategist with more than 10 years of experience in the museum field heading up innovative projects and diverse teams. During that time, Rob has pioneered the adoption of open source tools for the museum community, created the world’s first incentive-based loyalty program for visitor engagement, and has transformed the discussion about how technology can enhance and drive educational and public impact in museums.

Rob is a sought after author, speaker and consultant, focusing on the impact museums can have in their community, how technology efforts can change the dynamic of museum innovation, and how metrics and measurement can drive continuous improvement for the practice of museums.

"Rob has been a long-time advocate of innovation in museums and is a pioneer in exploring strategies and techniques that cultural organizations can use to drive real and meaningful engagement with their audiences, both onsite and online."

− Maxwell L. Anderson, Dallas Museum of Art

"The IMA team is like the Apolo Ohno of the museum technology world. They can’t stop winning awards: Best of the Webs, Muse Golds, even a Webby. ArtBabble is awesome, now that we’re in there. The jury’s out as to whether Rob Stein has been cloned, he’s everywhere, maybe he just never sleeps."

− Nik Honeysett, CEO, Balboa Park Online Collaborative

"In a perpetually privatizing world, the kind of civic culture that the Dallas Museum of Art is trying to foster has become rarer than any antiquity."

− Jason Farago, The Guardian, UK

"The Indianapolis Museum of Art might be the web-smartest museum in America, and its blog is one of my favorite daily reads"

− Tyler Green, Modern Art Notes

Recent Talks and Publications

Rob writes and speaks on a diverse range of topics concerning museum technology, strategy, and educational impact.

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Large-scale collaborative projects have been a hallmark of Rob’s career. The following are a few of the most significant projects Rob has led or been a part of.


Rob is an experienced consultant who has worked together with dozens of museums worldwide.

Museum Strategy

With a broad view of museum operations and strategy, Rob brings a solid understanding of practical operations along with an innovative and visionary approach to strategic planning.

Change Leadership

Having successfully led large collaborative teams in museums, Rob understands how to draw a team together to develop and achieve a common vision.

Cultural Impact

The cultural impact museums can make in their communities is one of Rob’s great passions. He has successfully put those ideas into practice in a number of important projects that have encouraged continued change in the field.

Big Data

Rob brings a background in data analysis and technology to his work in museums believing that the cultural sector can more effectively use data to achieve mission outcomes.

Open-Source Software

An early advocate for open-source in the field of museums, Rob brings a deep knowledge of software development and architecture to his practice, innovating unique approaches that spur the field onwards.

Digital Media

Rob believes that digital experiences both in and out of the museum can effectively enhance and contribute to visitor engagement. With experience leading large digital media efforts, Rob has a unique vision for online engagement.

A Bit of Fun

 “Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. – U.S. Supreme Court Justice


The friends and colleagues I have made around the world are definitely one of my favorite things about working in museums. We love to use the #tweers hashtag to toast and roast each other from across the globe via twitter.

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I live in work in Dallas, Texas, but love to visit new places. Have an idea you’d like to collaborate on? Reach out and let me know.